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The ALV2 model is the latest of a long line of hotel locks solutions by MIWA. It was specifically designed for the modern hotel industry. Using the latest RFID technology, this new hotel locks system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use. This system is backed up by more than 30 years of experience in the business. Today’s hotel locks system is no longer just a means for closing the guest room door but an important part in the overall running of a busy hotel

The technology behind this has no match, it passed every reliability test including the full electronic gear test. The system is designed to be easily used by the hotel staff, in order to ensure your hotel activity runs smoothly.

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification gives the ALV2 locks the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards without them touching the lock. Simply place the card within half an inch of the reader and the lock will open. This technology has several advantages over existing magnetic strip and smart card systems.


When a card is used to open a lock it can be written to as well as read. If a lock does not open when a guest card is used the reason for this is written on the card. This can be read by the staff in the hotel and the problem can be quickly rectifie


The ALV2 is designed to interface to both PMS and POS solutions. RS232 or TCP/IP key dater can be automatically sent to the Miwa system making the check-in procedure more efficient and eliminating key stroke errors.


As with all previous Miwa systems new guest cards cancel old guest cards and each staff card can be cancelled should it be lost or stolen. Access control becomes much easier to manage

Optional knobs

RDFL elevator card reader

Programmable card reader, the hotel managers can set predetermined hours to automatically lock or unlock the reader

The power controler provides a 3V output to the mural readers and a 24V output to the magnetic locks

Panic handles, electric strikes and other access control devices. ALVB with optional mobile key. Access to elevators/floors is reserves to clients with a valid card.

The reader is designed to be built directly into the elevator’s panel. A mobile key option is available


With RFID, the staff master cards can be programmed according to your operating requirements. Every staff memmber can receive a card granting them access to their designated work area only.


The ALV2 uses four standard alkaline batteries. As with all systems eventually these will run down, and the ALV2 lock has three ways to warn staff

Other systems

Because of its flexible software Miwa can share cards used with ALV2 with other systems that may be used on a premises. These could include systems such as time and attendance.


Miwa takes this seriously, conceiving systems that last given the advances in access control technologies and regulations


Security control

The ALV2 can be audited from every angle, the front desk system can be audited to see who has made staff or guest keys. It can hold the last 600 transactions.


Ease of use

Without the need to insert or swipe the key card, guests of all ages will find the ALV2 lock easy to use, as the keycard can be held to the lock in any position..


Master key

the master key structure for your staff can be configured to match your operating requirements. Each staff member can be issued a card that only gives them access to areas that their job requires.


Property access

The staff keys hold data on the last 140 locks they have been used in. The system has been designed to enable security and operations personnel complete control over the access to the property.

Our boundless commitment towards our clients, is what makes the Europroh experience unique. We take great pride in their trust.


RFID electronic locks

hotel locks


The ALV2 P Series is the latest in our long line of electronic locking solutions, it is designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality and multi housing industry. Available in several finishes and handle types.

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hotel locks


The ALV2 Slim is the sleekest model in MIWA’s electronic locking line-up. This lock is also popular among all hospitality and multi housing industries. Available in several finishes and handle types.

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hotel locks

ALV2 Cylindrical Lock

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hotel locks

Exit Device

Exit Devices – Combining the best features of Miwa’s stand-alone access control with industrial strength mechanical hardware from K2 by Black & Decker and VonDuprin.

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hotel locks

Door Control Unit

The ALV2 P Series is the latest in our long line of electronic locking solutions, it is designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality and multi housing industry. Available in several finishes and handle types.

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serrures pour hôtel

Elevator Card Reader

MIWA’s Elevator Card Reader allows only those guests with a valid keycard to access elevator / floors they are assigned. Great for hospitality and multi housing.

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serrures pour hôtel

Perimeter Access Control Unit

This Perimeter Access Control Unit allows for limiting entry to only those valid cardholders at gate and door locations of a properties perimeter.

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Mobile Key Access

Front Desk System

Card Issuing System

Nearly every front desk needs to make and issue key cards. The ALV2 Series MIWA Card Issuing System is designed for guest and staff card issuing. Through PC based software and a small USB encoder, cards can be administered.

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