Standard opening safes

To protect jewelry, documents and cash, there’s nothing like a safe! Freestanding or recessed, key or combination, digital or biometric, behind its steel walls your valuables are safe. Dial the code, turn the disc, lock it’s protected !

Safes to
top opening

With a range of possibilities increasing with technological advances, the market for safes today is made up of a large number of models. Each model has its advantages, its operation, its differences and its price. Based on this observation, it is more than important to target the model that best meets your security expectations.

drawer opening

Europroh offers you a wide choice of drawer models perfect for equipping hotels. Easy to install in a bedroom, they do not take up space and can be slipped under a bed, in a piece of furniture or built into a wall. To best protect customers’ personal belongings, these safes are equipped with electronic locks that open – and close – automatically.

Vertical safes

Help your customers have peace of mind by securing their valuables in the wall safe with electronic lock. This safe has the major role of ensuring the high protection of goods.

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