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Videosurveillance : The ideal security solution

It is becoming increasingly important to equip establishments with a video surveillance system. It has many advantages, but requires the proper infrastructure. Europroh offers a professional video surveillance solution for your establishment that is reliable, fast and secure.

Prevention through video surveillance allows you to:

– Effectively fight against intrusion.

– Remove any doubt in the event of an alarm being triggered.

– Remotely monitor your site and your equipment.

– Ensure the safety of your staff. Europroh provides a complete offer combining quality and competitiveness to your services.

EUROPROH is at the cutting edge of technology and offers video surveillance systems that are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android systems. As a matter of fact, all our video surveillance systems can be used remotely, to remove any doubt in the event of an alarm without having to go on-site.

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Whether you choose a basic surveillance system or one with advanced features, all our systems will provide great peace of mind.

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